Lissara Presbyterian Church

To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever

87th NI Lissara Presbyterian Girls’ Brigade Annual Display

Saturday 24th March 2012

Chaplain: Rev Ian Abraham                                          Pianist: Mrs Kate Beattie

Special Guest: Mrs Marbeth Coulter                     President: Mrs Betty Hamilton

Company on Parade

National Anthem

CHOIR - Explorers/Tinies

MARCHING - Juniors

HOOPS - Juniors

TEAM GAMES - Explorers




TEABAG - Juniors

SOMEONE - Explorers

Nichola McCullough & Rachel Nelson


Ballet Shoes – Tinies
Dancing Shoes – Seniors
Trainers - Juniors
Wellington Boots – Explorers
“Boot” Camp - Brigaders
Dancing Shoes – Seniors
Flip Flops – Associates
Chairman’s Remarks

Company on Parade
Special Guest’s Remarks
Presentation of Awards


It gives me great pleasure to present this annual report.  At the joint GB/BB Enrolment Service in November we registered an active membership of 90.  

  • QUEEN’S AWARD –  Our congratulations to our 8th achiever - Lois Abraham
  • DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD – Bronze level attained: Rachel Nelson

  • The Explorers enjoyed participating in Choral Speaking in Ballygowan and Team Games in Clough.
  • Juniors competed in Marching in Ballynahinch Congregational, and in the Team Games Fun evening in Killinchy.
  • Two Senior teams competed very well in Mini Volleyball. 
  • Nicola McCullough progressed to compete at NI Final  in Brigader solowork. 
  • Cáit Stapleton gained 2 certificates in the District Swimming Competition.

  • Juniors visited Glasswater Home and entertained/visited the residents. Good report.
  • Explorers and Tinies had fun, games and presents at their Christmas Party.
  • Company section had an enjoyable ‘Dance with Jennifer Rooney’ Christmas evening with a special Christmas epilogue by our Chaplain, Rev Abraham.
  • Seniors and Brigaders knit Smoothie hats to raise funds through ASDA for Age NI.
  • Secondhand shoes were collected and sent to Satu Mare, Romania.
  • Company Section had a valuable visit from Hope UK – drug & alchohol awareness.
  • Our Christmas Charity in lieu of cards was The Leprosy Mission. 
  • Fifty shoeboxes were sent to Samaratins Purse at Christmas. 
  • During GB Week, members collected a total of £1,079. Thanks to all who contributed.
  • A very successful camp was held in Kilkeel in August 2011.  Camp is planned for Kilkeel from 30th July  – 3rd Aug 2012.  Thanks to Hannah English and camp leaders.
  • On Remembrance Sunday a wreath was laid at the War Memorial by 3 senior girls.
BEST WISHES:  to Hannah English (and husband Stephen) on birth of daughter Faith.
  • This will take place in Saintfield on 1st April.  We are the host company and hence will lead the parade and form the choir.  We really need the support of all the company section girls on this special occasion.  Please come to Saintfield and support us.  Pray for sunshine


  • We are delighted to welcome as our special guest Mrs Marbeth Coulter. Marbeth is well known in GB circles having risen to Vice President, but she has been a special friend to some of us and we are delighted to have her here tonight.   
  • Thanks to our judges for PE, Marching, Drill, and Junior Craft, and to Kate Beattie and our Chaplain, Rev Ian Abraham,  for their continued support throughout the session.
  • Our thanks also go to Andy for introducing self-defence to Seniors/Brigaders.
  • My special thanks to the Officers and leaders for their talents, time and patience during the session.

We thank God for His blessing on our Company as we continue to “Seek, serve and follow Christ.   


Open Bible Awards - For regular attendance at Sunday Worship

1-Year Brooch        Katelyn Anderson

2-Year Brooch        Leah Scranage, Georgia Smyth, Ellie Fitzsimons, Courtney Downey, Katie Revels, Holly Montgomery, Ella-Rose Holland

3-Year Brooch        Rachel Norris, Naomi Scranage, Hannah Dickson, Mary Stapleton, Ella Leahy, Cáit Stapleton, Lucy Martin

4-Year Brooch        Alexandra Smyth, Aoife Donnelly, Holly McGreevy, Cara Leahy

5-Year Brooch        Katie Murray, Jessica McKeown, Hollie Savage, Aoibhin Walsh, Caoimhe Walsh, Dearbhaila Walsh

6-Year Brooch        Abbie Rea, Amy Norris

7-Year Brooch        Kate Lynas, Rebecca Nelson, Kathryn Cousins, Stephanie Douglas, Anna Rea, Alex Rea

8-Year Brooch        Sarah Murphy, Louise Majury, Kerri Douglas

9-Year Brooch        Alice Lennon, Heather McCullough, Zara Smyth, Megan Gemmell, Lois Abraham

10-Year Brooch      Hannah Nelson, Nicola McCullough

11-Year Brooch      Rachel Murphy, Chloe McKeown, Jenna McKeown

12-Year Brooch      Rachel Nelson

14-Year Brooch      Hannah Lennon
AWARDS 2011-2012
BLUE TRIANGLE – Rachel Nelson, Daisy Wormell      
THIRD CIRCLE: Kerri Douglas, Alex Rea, Chloe McKeown, Beth Keown, Rachel Murphy
SECOND CIRCLE: Lucy Martin, Jordan Wilson, Louise Majury, Megan Gemmell, Tara Lynn, Zara Smyth, Hannah Nelson
FIRST CIRCLE: Anna Rea, Heather McCullough, Stephanie Douglas, Sophie Truesdale, Alice Lennon
THIRD CIRCLE: Cait Stapleton, Laura Gill, Kathryn Cousins, Sarah Murphy
SECOND CIRCLE: Dearbhaila Walsh, Caoimhe Walsh, Aoibhin Walsh, Cara Leahy, Rebecca Nelson, Holly McGreevy, Amy Norris, Kate Lynas
FIRST CIRCLE: Kirsten Clendinning, Abbie Rea, Molly Kerr, Ella Leahy, Hollie Savage
GOLD STAR:  Lauren Houston, Jessica McKeown, Abbey Ross, Lucy Newman, Aoife Donnelly, Holly Montgomery, Katie Murray, Mary Stapleton
SILVER STAR:  Alexandra Smyth, Aliza McKee, Hannah Dickson, Abigail Lennon, Katie Revels
BRONZE STAR: Rebekah Watson, Charlotte Newman, Naomi Scranage, Courtney Downey, Ellie Fitzsimons, Rachel Norris, Ella Holland



Red Star: Emma Donnelly, Nicole Richardson
1-Year  Katelyn Anderson, Ashling Donnelly, Annie McKeown, Charlotte Newman    
2-Year Leah Scranage, Jessica Patterson, Georgia Smyth, Ellie Fitzsimons, Courtney Downey, Lucy Newman
3-Year Ella-Rose Holland, Rachel Norris, Naomi Scranage, Hannah Dickson, Mary Stapleton, Cáit Stapleton
Katie Revels, Abigail Lennon, Aliza McKee, Alexandra Smyth
5-Year Katie Murray, Holly Montgomery, Aoife Donnelly, Abbey Ross, Jessica McKeown, Lauren Houston, Kirsten Clendinning
6-Year Hollie Savage, Ella Leahy, Molly Kerr, Abbie Rea, Amy Norris
7-Year Kate Lynas, Holly McGreevy, Rebecca Nelson, Cara Leahy, Dearbhaila Walsh,  Caoimhe Walsh, Aoibhin Walsh, Anna Rea, Alex Rea        
8-Year Kathryn Cousins, Laura Gill, Stephanie Douglas      
9-Year Alice Lennon, Sophie Truesdale, Heather McCullough, Jordan Wilson, Lois Abraham 
10-Year Hannah Nelson, Zara Smyth, Tara Lynn, Megan Gemmell, Louise Majury, Lucy Martin, Rachel Murphy, Beth Keown, Jenna McKeown  
11-Year Kerri Douglas, Chloe McKeown
12-Year Daisy Wormell, Rachel Nelson
14-Year Nicola McCullough
15-Year Hannah Lennon