1st Crossgar Company, Boys’ Brigade

The Boys' Brigade has been around for more than 120 years. It was founded by William Alexander Smith, who saw its objective as being, "The Promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness"

Our Company is split into a number of sections.




Junior BB & Robins (Circa 1967)
Third Row: - N Logue, A Gibson, D Noon, S Quinn, A Magee, A McMullan,
P Patterson,  R Martin, T McNeely, M Dickson, S Mejury, R Magee
Second Row: - N Mejury,
G Ferris, W Patterson, Lt. I Rea, Lt J Robinson, TJ Lennon, TT Lennon, D Rainey.
Front Row: - R McCormick, N Ellison, A Nelson, L Patterson, J Dickson, A Lennon, D McNeely, E Clements, L Coffrey, W McMillan

Boys' Brigade (circa 1967)
1st Crossgar Company Boys Brigade (circa 1967)
Fourth Row: - R Hill, N McNeely, K Patterson, T Gibson, R Niblock, P Orr, M McNeely, K Hill, D Coffrey, A McKeown
Third Row: - D Lennon, E Filtzsimmons, G Mullin, R Adams, C Lennon, T Withers, B Gibson, R Hill, I Cochrane
Second Row: - J Niblock, W/O D Nesbitt, Rev SGM Logue (Chaplain) R Dickson (Captian), Lt D Eynon, W/O F Adams, T McMillan
Front Row: - D Orr, J Ringland, D Hill, G Niblick
The Mid-Down Group Squad-Drill Cup shown at the front of the
photograph had been won ten times in sucession by the Company

 BB Company (Circa 1922)
THE Original Crossgar Company Boys' Brigade (1922)
Fourth Row: - J Fitzsimons, J Cleland, H Neill, A Campbell, J Gibson, J Nelson, D Ringland
Third Row: - WJ Whyte, T, M & S Adams, B Hull, R Dickson, R Fitzsimons, E Fitzsimons, W McClurg
Second Row: - R Lightbody, S Gibson, J Gibson, S Fitzsimons; Lt J Morrison, TJ MacMillan (Captain), Mrs TJ MacMillan (Pianist), Rev. John Johnston, (Chaplain), Lt WJ Miscampbell, Lt. J Moffett, E Lightbody, F Maxwell, T Tate, J Lightbody
Front Row: - G Ringland, B Collins, J Maxwell, R Whyte, H Alldritt, W Nelson, S Parkinson