Lissara Presbyterian Church

To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever

          87th Lissara Girls’ Brigade



         Seek, Serve and Follow Christ

Lissara Girls' Brigade is a dynamic, relevant, Christ-centred organisation seeking to reach out to girls; valuing, nurturing and equiping them for life. Our aim Is to help girls become followers of  the Lord Jesus Christ, and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility, find true enrichment of life.

Our G.B. Badge

All over the world, Girls’ Brigade members wear the same badge. The badge has 4 main elements, each with a special meaning to those who wear it.

In the centre a Cross, the symbol of Christ and His Church.

Below it a Lamp, that our light may shine out upon the world.

GB Crest

Above the Lamp is a Crown, that we may own Christ as our King.

 Behind all a Torch, the flame of Christ’s living Spirit and our devotion to Him.

 GB (Circa 1967)
Girls' Brigade (Circa 1967)
Fourth Row: - S Niblock, A Quigley, J Patterson, S Cheevers, D Tate, C Dickson, E Coffey, R Gibson,    E Miscampbell, G Logue.
Third Row: - P Coffey, Sub. Officer O Patterson, Officers H Coffey & W Robinson,
R Niblock  (Captain), Officer Hamilton, I McMillan, A Shaw M Simpson, M McMullan.
Second Row: - J Patterson, F Lennings, S Mallon, D Thompson, E Emerson, I McCormick,
H Hutton, M McNeely, C Hill, E Ritchie, R Maude, R Ellison, W Ritchie, E McClure
Front Row: - H Emerson, J Hutton, Y Emerson, P McClure, E Niblock, B Logue,
I Logue, M Gibson, J Nelson, O Quinn, E McCormick, J Ritchie