Global Mission Workers (PCI)

UPDATE May 2020

As the world moved towards lockdown in late February, a process of discussion and decision-taking was held with PCI global mission workers in relation to COVID-19, especially relating to their health, location, travel and financial needs. The following summarises the current position of each:  

Brazil: Naomi Keefe is in her normal overseas location of Olinda.  She is staying in her apartment and working as much as she can from there.

Kenya: Stephen Cowan is in Tuum.  He is continuing to encourage the community in safe working practices and food growing.  On 23 March, Angelina and Annissa Cowan returned to Northern Ireland to enable Annissa to finish her school year as she needed a reliable internet connection. Naomi, Thomas, Aaron and Silas Leremore remain in Kenya but, on 23 March, moved out of Nairobi to temporary accommodation in Maralal.  Naomi is balancing working from home with home schooling in this new location. Gary, Mary and Samuel Reid returned to Northern Ireland on 26 March.  They are staying in their own home which means Samuel is able to complete his school year with support from Mary.  Jonathan and Ruth are also able to be supported by being together as a family.

Malawi: Volker, Jinhyeog, Lina, Micha and Lukas Glissmann are in Blantyre.  The whole family are at home, with Volker continuing to work and Jiyhyeog is teaching online.  They are also supporting Lina, Micha and Lukas with home schooling.  Lina is finishing her final year of A level study.

Nepal: Peter, Valerie, Conor, Joel and Erin Lockwood are in Kathmandu.  The whole family are at home, with Peter continuing to work for United Mission to Nepal, and with Valerie, supporting the children with home schooling. Peter Fleming is also in Kathmandu, while Jayne Fleming is in their family home in Northern Ireland having returned on 22 March 2020.  Peter continues to support national believers from their Kathmandu home, while Jayne continues to teach KISC student online from the North Coast.

Portugal: James, Heather, Alana and Lucy Cochrane are in Porto.  They are working from home and are encouraging Lucy in her home schooling.  After Universities in the UK closed Alana was able to travel to Porto to be with her family.  Chris, Rachel, Ezra and Abigail Humphries are also in Porto.  They are working from home and are continuing with language learning.

Romania:  Csaba, Ilona, Jazmin and Carissa Veres are in Cluj.  Csaba and Ilona are working from home continuing to support the work in Mera and with the Diakonia, and they are supporting Carissa with her online schooling.  Due to the closure of Universities in the UK, Jazmin was able to get one of the last flights into Cluj arriving there on 20 March 2020.  

Spain:  Derek, Jane, Gabriela and Luka French are in Bilbao.  They have been under strict lockdown and have continued to work and support home schooling from their apartment.  The country’s strict restrictions have been challenging. 

Zambia: Diane Cusick is in Lusaka.  Due to the early closure of an airport on the penultimate leg of a flight journey to the UK on 23 March, Diane was unable to leave Zambia.  She is currently working from home preparing work in anticipation of schools re-opening when she can resume her role.

UK:  Edwin and Anne Kibathi are in London.  They are working from home, with Sam and Joy helping them to be connected with their congregation via the internet.