Sunday Service 5 April

Announcements 5 April

Good morning everyone, normally before the service begins we join together some gathering songs, or community singing and I thought that I would put a few songs up so that before the service that you can sing along to they are; 

Great is thy faithfulness 

In Christ alone 

And one that may be new to us, By faith 

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All being well our service will be posted here on or just before 11:30. Scott and I have each chosen one of the passages that we brought you during the week to preach on. So I encourage you this evening at 7pm as we would normally meet together to head over to the Edengrove website. Have your bibles ready for the service the passage we are focusing on today is John chapter 14:1-6, you may find it helpful to read chapter 12:12-36 which is the triumphal entry and Jesus predicting his death

There are a couple of others passages that are either alluded to or referred to that you way want to read, they are Revelation 7:9-17, Hebrews 11:8-12

Finally, why not get a pen and some paper and make some notes of the sermon; write out the points, ask a question, put down something that struck you?

Yours in the Lord’s Service

Alan Burke

Great is Thy Faithfulness

In Christ Alone

By Faith - Getty 

Daily Family worship helps

Day 14 - The LORD’s day

Each day we are looking at a shorter catechism question as part of our family worship material. Today is Day 14 and the Lord’s day so no daily material other than our daily Shorter Catechism which is;

Q. 14. What is sin?
A. Sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of, the law of God.

What does this mean? Sin is any want of conformity, meaning sins of omission, when we ought to do something that the law of God requires and we don’t. Sin is also any transgression of the law of God, meaning that we do things that God has told us not to do, we break God’s law intentionally.

All of us before God are sinners, the law should act as a mirror that shows how sinful we are, that we can’t save ourselves and what we need is a a way to be saved from sin, well the way is Jesus, He is the Saviour. We will think more upon that in our service that should be posted here at 11:30.